Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm back!

Wow, I have been away from Blogger for far too long! My apologies!
I have finally got myself sorted (more or less) with setting up a routine for blogging and website updating. I'm updating Scavenger to be focussed on crafting tutorials and behind the scenes peeks of the Alternative Emporium.
Changes afoot at Scavenger

*ALL NEW* Scavenger Annie's Alternative Emporium

There's also now a shiny new online shop for Scavenger Annie's Alternative Emporium and I've gradually been tweaking my Facebook page for the Emporium to prepare for the transfer from "Facebook biz" to established online retailer. Very exciting and very time consuming as you can imagine, especially when I'm grabbing a few hours to work whilst the Little Man naps.
Being such a busy bee, I have started carrying an ideas notebook around with me as you never know when inspiration will hit for a post, a new product design or home adjustment. Yes, feathering the nest is on my mind once more.You can tell it's spring when I keep having those bursts of energy where I deep clean a room in the house. The moments where you de-clutter a shelf and find partly faded Tesco receipts from 2009 and beyond. Perhaps this is modern archaeology?
Anyhow, I have a host of things to tell you about over the next few weeks, from my fun filled visit to the Creative Stitches Show at Aintree to the latest home crafting undertaken by the Little Man and myself. I promise/warn you that there will be lots of pictures hehe!