Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Long time, no post!

Well it sure has been a time since I last blogged. Oops! So here's what I've been up to lately...
Had a lovely family day out at Easter weekend. We loaded up the car and headed to Crosby Beach where Anthony Gormley's Another Place is. Luckily the weather was gorgeous, with a cooling sea breeze that was much needed!

Crosby Beach

As with every bank holiday (and every weekend for the past month) we did a bit of gardening. Ok, a LOT of gardening. Our garden is now looking more organised, with Primulas & Violets merrily sunning themselves in our new bedder. My last post showed the beginnings of "The Great Patio Laying". All I can say is never again! I just couldn't believe the mess and number of trips hubby had to make to the tip.

Clutter just migrated across the garden
Dig dig dig!

 It was a labour of love but our hard work paid off. We now have a super new chilling area. Yay!

Ta da!

I celebrated by buying many flowers. Muhahaha, my pretties! The daffodils were in full bloom too, I just loved the colour all the plants brought to the garden. 

The new patio also spurred on the veggie and fruit planting. Granted this excitement led to various containers of all shapes and sizes surrounding the newly expanded patio, bursting with colourful flowers and lush green leaves. Whoops-a-daisy the garden was cluttered again!

New home for tasty carrots

Not to worry though, a solution was in the making...

More in the next post,

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