Sunday, June 12, 2011

Impromptu Sunday

What a busy, unexpected day! It all started when a lovely friend (Hi Debs!) sent me a link on FB to an antiques and vintage textiles fair last night. Cue puppy dog eyes at hubby...

And that was my/our Sunday sorted. The fair was being held just across the road from my old uni house, so I knew how to get there no problem. Believe it or not, hubby wanted to come with me. For some reason he didn't want me to go all by myself to "The Largest Vintage Fair in the UK"?! Teehee.

I had a lovely time, it was fab. If you ever get chance to go to one of these fairs, then do! Loads of stalls with genuine vintage clothing (no second-hand Topshop clothes here thank you very much), gorgeous Victorian lace pieces, quaint vintage fabrics by the yard, all types of buttons, belt buckles and hats, ahh the list goes on! 
Yes, I did spend money that I don't really have, but everyone deserves a treat once in awhile eh?

The first stall that I came to had an array of sewing supplies, suitcases of fabric, baskets of lace pieces and...a box of old sewing patterns for £1. Yes, you read right, one whole pound!! So I rifled through them and stumbled upon this:

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Awww!
Kerching! First purchase of the day!! I was particularly drawn to this costume below:

Stomp stomp! Get on the floor, everybody do the Dinosaur!

I love dinosaurs and I love making my little man love dinosaurs too. It's not brain washing, it's educating...
I can just see my little monster stomping about in this get up. All I need to do now is get my batch of clothing makes done and dusted so I can start this. What a bargain though! The other patterns were ok, mainly 70's outfits for ladies and kids. Reminded me of what they wore on The Brady Bunch or (more recent) That 70's Show. Not my cup of tea, but for every pattern there's a seamstress out there. Another buy was the vintage gingham style cotton fabric that you can see in the background of the photos. Not sure what to make with that yet but had a total fabric crush when I spotted it.


My next set of purchases were some lovely buttons. The lady who owned the stall had a huge collection of buttons for sale. She admitted to being a collector and I can totally understand. Shiny buttons send this magpie cuckoo! You name it, she had it - mother of pearl, wooden ones, plastic, vintage, modern, art deco. She had a great batch of buckles for sale too, a turquiose art deco buckle did catch my eye but the price tag of £20 was too steep for me!

By this point we had completed the outer stalls in the hall and I was ready to drag hubby and little man around explore the inner circle of stalls. A few glances at cloche hats and peeking at delicate ladies gloves later I crossed the path of my dream stall. The lady's shop is called Yellow Squirrel, I unfortunately did not get her name, but she makes the cutest jewellery. A pair of bumble bee hair clips caught my eye first of all, but then I caught sign of this stunning Steampunk Skeleton Ball Watch Necklace. Click on the link for some far superior shots than mine by Yellow Squirrel. Now this was a treat price wise (I left the bees alone for another time), but hubby went halves as a belated birthday present. Yay!

Tick tock!
Inner clock gears, what beauties!

If you get chance check out her shop on Etsy. There are so many things I want on there I think I might have to make up a Wish List to give to hubby! I loved the mini harmonica necklaces, the octopus chain and the hair clips just scream summer fun. Ooh and yes I do get very giddy when I see anything steampunk, perhaps it's the influence of working with steam engines at MOSI?!

Well what a shop! Check out Decorative Fairs for listings of future UK events. I'm definitely saving up the pennies for the next Manchester one in September. Hmm, might try and convince the girls at work to go to the next one as there were so many vintage items that we could use for our costume interpretation. The best thing about this fair was the range of items on sale, their quality and range in price. From pocket money to life savings, you sure could spend it there! Well I easily could lol...

Time to rest these shopaholic eyes for another day, 

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  1. Jo (of the tea hunnies)June 13, 2011 at 1:11 AM

    Enjoying your blog Missy and you must make the dinosaur costume for your little man!


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